Clinical and Translational Research

A key element in constructively leveraging the impact of a USF-led Pandemic Response Research Network™ is its ability to connect state of the art science to real world implementation that improves the health and safety of both the Tampa Bay community and the nation.

We believe that the university’s recognized strengths in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, engineering, public health and social sciences can be successfully leveraged to achieve these goals on multiple levels. Notable strengths include a well-developed platform for the design and operationalization of clinical trials, emerging resources for biorepository activities and newly streamlined regulatory and bioinformatic pathways for managing and mining clinical demographics with an eye towards population science and disease surveillance.

Specific strategies for potential research appropriate for each of the three planned tiers of activity include data-centric strategies to enhance our community’s response to emerging pandemics; develop novel diagnostic, prophylactic and therapeutic strategies; improve the engineering and manufacturing responses to these crises; and execute long reaching models of dissemination and implementation of advances.

The goals of this hub are to:

  • Leverage USF’s close relationship with Tampa General Hospital to develop a regional pandemic response team.
  • Utilize USF’s experience with educational and social science research to determine the best ways to communicate with diverse individuals within communities across the region in times of crises with attention to culture and literacy
  • Advance Research and Education in Clinical Translational Sciences

Coordinators: Kami Kim, Morsani College of Medicine; Shyam Mohapatra, Morsani College of Medicine and Taneja College of Pharmacy; Angela Hill, Taneja College of Pharmacy; Usha Menon, College of Nursing

Research Cluster Areas:

  • COVID-19 Medical Clinical Research
  • COVID-19 Nursing Research
  • COVID-19 Pharmacy Research
  • Translational Research Education

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