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USF invention addresses worldwide mask shortage and pollution concerns

Florida may face its worst wave ever as the Delta variant spreads

USF Team Publishes Research Establishing the Ability of the Electronic “Bull Nose” to Detect COVID-19

USF Researchers Report on Progress of COVID-19 Seed Grants

Ireland ranks #9 in Foreign direct investment into US economy

USF researchers use neuromarketing tools to assist Baycare Health System, national public health agencies to assess the impact of COVID-19 messaging

USF Researchers Present Progress and Promise of COVID-19 Seed Grant Projects

Traffic reductions due to COVID-19 boost air quality in some states but not all

The pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2: more than a serious health crisis, a change of time and lessons to be learned urgently

Florida Blue invests in USF’s coronavirus tracking efforts (paywall)

Florida Blue Supports USF Epidemiologist’s Innovative Efforts to Track COVID-19

USF, Johns Hopkins All Children’s investigate why people might say no to a Covid vaccine

Johns Hopkins, USF team up to research why people are hesitant to get COVID-19 vaccine

USF lab developing breathalyzer to detect COVID-19

Researchers working to find way to sniff out virus through exhaled breath with sensor system

Researchers partner with local high schoolers to study the effects of COVID-19 on air quality

USF-Developed Technology Named Semi-Finalist for XPRIZE in COVID-19 Testing

USF supports COVID-19 research partnerships with new seed grants

Religious tourism has been hit hard in the pandemic as sites close and pilgrimages are put on hold

USF researchers aim to predict when coronavirus cases go bad

Tampa Bay hospital admissions directly correlated with mobility data, USF research finds

USF is using wearable tech to study coronavirus effects

A computer simulation shows how different strategies could stem coronavirus

USF Researchers Working to Find Early Warnings for Severe COVID-19 Illness

USF audiologists address COVID-19 challenges for the hearing impaired with new face masks

USF invests almost $350K for 14 new coronavirus research projects

USF researchers snag funding for patent-pending mask sanitation technology

USF Engineers Awarded NSF Grant to Fight COVID-19 using big data

USF engineers get National Science Foundation grant to study coronavirus

Truist Donates $25,000 to Create USF Coronavirus Research Fund (paywall)

Innovation and research at USF take center stage during pandemic, with increased patent production and funding (paywall)

USF Doctor Hoping Antibodies Will Help Answer Coronavirus Questions

Chemical Glow from Fireflies Could Help Trace Spread of COVID-19

Social Connection Despite Social Distance (YouTube)

USF Epidemiologist Provides Sweeping COVID-19 Updates

Face Mask 101: USF Researcher Shares Best Mask-wearing Practices

USF Creates Pandemic Response Research Network™, Invests in Projects Addressing Coronavirus Outbreak

USF Researchers Helping Fight Coronavirus with Projects from Contact Tracing to Sterilizing Masks

USF Psychology Professor Wins NSF Grant to Study Remote Work in Response to COVID-19

USF Professor’s Newest Molekule Filter Gets FDA Clearance for Medical Use

Nursing Homes Sounded the Alarm Weeks Ago – USF School of Aging Studies Faculty Researcher Lindsay Peterson

USF Analysts Collecting Internet Search Data to Track Changes to Tampa Bay’s Economy in Light of COVID-19

USF Health Leads Clinical Trials Seeking COVID-19 Treatments, Cure

Researchers Launch New Survey to Track COVID-19

Coronavirus Will Test US’s Civic Health Too

My 3-D Printing Company is Making Thousands of Coronavirus Test Swabs a Day – Here’s How We Did It

Coronavirus and Health Equity – Again This (Too) is Predictable

Dr. Brechot’s Health Research & Care Blog

With Medical Equipment in Short Supply, 3-D Printing Steps Up in Coronavirus Crisis

USF May Have an Answer to Coronavirus Testing Shortage: 3-D Printed Nasal Swabs

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